Valentino (absent_wanderer) wrote in discuss_toronto,

Loosen Up Toronto

Crossposted to open_toronto

Hey Fellow Torontonians!

If you're like me, you love this city to death, but you feel that there could be a little more done to enhance the friendliness and openess to one another. The blackout was such a good thing, because it dropped everyone's guard, and everyone was friendly to each other and joking around and stuff. Why should a blackout happen for this to be the case? Why shouldn't it happen everyday? If you feel that you could have more conversation, laughs, and whatever else with everyday strangers visit this site. Sign your name, and help spread the word that there are more sociable people out there than we think.

I would have posted this in the toronto community, but I was banned from it for having an opinion. It seems they weren't familiar with this concept. So if any of you want to risk posting it please do.
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